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Tyre Labelling

It is now law that all tyres are rated in a way that the general public can understand. This makes it easier for you to compare tyres in 3 main areas. These are: Fuel Efficiency Wet Grip Exterior Noise Fuel efficiency When a tyre is made and tested, one area that is tested is the tyres rolling resistance. This is tested in order to calculate the fuel efficency of the tyre. The higher the resistance, the less economical the tyre will be. If you have an A rated tyre as opposed to a G rated, it could save on average £110…

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winter tyres

EcoTyre Services guide to winter tyres

At EcoTyre Services we get asked a lot about winter tyres. This is why we thought we would put together a little Q and A to explain what winter tyres are and whether you should have them on your vehicle. Q. What are winter tyres? A. Winter tyres are a slightly different type of tyres that many people prefer to have fitted to their vehicle through the cold/wet months. This is because winter tyres will offer certain advantages in the cold and wet weather over a conventional tyre. Q. Why are winter tyres different? A. Winter tyres use a different tread…

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New year, New tyres

New year is a time of new beginnings, resolutions and your health. During all of this, don’t forget the health of your tyres. Your vehicles tyres are the only contact between the car and the road. In Biggleswade last year, it rained 138 days of the year. Driving on wet roads with tyres that are heavily worn can drastically affect braking distance and grip. Driving on Illegal tyres can come at a cost of three penalty points and a maximum fine of £2500!! This January, check your tyres! Check your tyres for tread depth, condition and pressure. Don’t put off replacing…

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replacing a tyre

Checking My Tyres – Tread Depth, Damage & Pressure

NOTE: If you are in any doubt – please call our friendly professional team who will happily take a look, completely free and without any obligation! Tyres should be checked regularly to make sure they have plenty of tread, are free from damage and that the pressures are set correctly. Tyre Tread To check your tyres tread depth you should park the vehicle on a flat surface and turn the steering wheel one way. This will expose the face of the tyre. Using a tread depth gauge (can be purchased from any motoring shop) bridge the gauge across the strips of…

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tyre markings

What do the markings on the side of my tyres mean?

Have you ever wondered what all of the numbers and letters on the side wall of your tyres actually mean? Well, if so, here is Ecotyre Service’s jargon free guide to tyre markings! Tyre Width: This number is the width of the tyre across the face, in millimetres. In the image it would be 245mm. Aspect Ratio: The aspect ratio is the size of the tyre’s wide wall as a percentage of the width. In the image the tyre side wall is 45% of the width. Rim: Tyre Construction The letter relates to the tyre construction, in this case R for…

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worn tyre

What is the UK Law regarding car tyres?

First published October 2015 NOTE: If you are in any doubt – please call our friendly professional team who will happily take a look, completely free and without any obligation! UK tyre law is pretty simple. Tyres must be the correct size for the vehicle to which they are fitted, and be inflated to manufactures recommended pressure. A tyre should have no splits that expose cords, any bulges or any other side wall damage. The absolute minimum legal tread depth is 1.6mm across the central three quarters of the face around the entire circumference of the tyre. If you get caught…

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